Cephas the Remnant

Cephas The Remnant, doesn't really fit a pre-determined stylistic box. He isn't an overtly "conscious" emcee, a comedy rapper or an avant-garde obsessive; he just plays himself – an unpretentious Ohio-based emcee entirely unbound by a need to seek fame and recognition through his artistic exploits.

His goal and passion is to see souls saved. His latest release, One Step Away EP, is a fresh, delectably simple and original mutation which successfully marries biblical truth and rap sensibilities. Soul-drenched, sample-heavy beats suspend a medley of musings on everyday life and the human condition.

This is raw hip-hop at its best with an uncompromising, head-nodding beat and ruthless hook. The EP takes us on a very different journey, one that's lyrically insightful, honest and reflective, the most important factor in this release is not just to please the listener, but to also give them something to think about. Over 1000 packaged CD's have been given out for free at shows, this is his ministry, his calling. God has great things in store for Cephas The Remnant.