Ready the Ghost

To say that I am fan of Ready the Ghost is a understatement, the first time I saw them I knew I had found something really unique and different. I instantly fell in love with their live show and their music. The Califorina band which has a passion to make an impact in this generation for the kingdom of God while offering a positive alternative to music and not compromising to the things of this world has a sound and stage performance that is well-developed. I learned recently that they are currently in the midst of their first EP, which will have songs like 'Ink' and 'Explorer' It was hard for me to put a label on them when I heard them or to even pigeon hole them into a familiar sound, with their off-speed rhythms, layers of digital and analog sound, Ready the Ghost takes you on a worthwhile journey.

Point blank. Ely Fournier (vocals/keyboards), Jay Fournier (keyboards), Gabriel Ornelas (bass), Jose Pinea (lead guitar) and Christian Lopez (drums) make up Ready the Ghost who is one of the best unsigned bands that I've seen in Los Angeles in a while and they have something entirely different from anything else being done.

When you listen to Ready the Ghost you can hear the influences from euro pop, alternative, electronica, rock and drum and bass, the wonderful vocals of Ely Fournier and the excellent drumming gives them a unique sound and feel that other bands just don't have. I look forward to their EP and their future albums which will be a work of art. I can only see this band going up from here. Ready the Ghost is a band destined for greatness.