Allow me to share with you this months spotlight, typically, more than half the top rap songs in the country are the work of Southern artists. In a world still stuck in the East/West coast paradigm of the '90s, Southern hip hop has dominated the genre-and defined the culture-for years, and April is our first rap spotlight since Adam Records went live in December 2012. WilChild a rapper from Atlanta who later settled in South Carolina has been doing it big for the Lord since 2003.

A native of kenya, who moved to America as a young boy, coupled with Gods grace was healed from the spirit of epilepsy after accepting Christ in his life, he soon discovered his love for people and his passion for music. Over the years Wilchild has been nominated for awards, featured on music websites and has appeared on television shows. Driven to reach more people with the gospel of Christ; Captivated Music and Captivated Clothing was created. In 2009 WilChild's debut album, 'Underground elevation pt.1- the movement' allowed him the opportunity to spread Gods message across most of the east coast.

After listening to 'the movement' CD it was clear to me that this MC is legit on tracks like 'The Rock is in The Building' and 'God Chose Us' attracting broad new audiences: its across-the-board appeal and ambition overshadowed nearly every other rap album released in 2009, It takes a few listens to pull everything together, but given the immense scope, it's striking how few weak tracks there are.

The follow up album 'Underground Elevation pt.2-'The Blacklight Effect', which included features from artists such as Von Won, D-Maub, Knine, The Rock Band Bayless and others, WilChild experiments with color on the sophomore album, but as anyone who's ever vigorously finger-painted knows, combine too many colors and you create a single hue. These lyrical scribbles color the entirety of "The Blacklight Effect" Get Reborn, "Living a Lie," and on. This album is done well and takes you on a lyrical journey. WilChild gets better with time and we look forward to what he brings next to the table.